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Bumper Pull Trailer Repair

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JM currently handles minor trailer repairs and bumper pull trailer repairs. Please call us to make an appointment, Monday - Friday 9 to 5.  

We will spruce up that old beat up trailer for you. It would be our pleasure.

JM Services


Axle Repairs

1. bearing inspection and lubrication jobs

2. brake hubs and backing plates 

3. hubs 

4.springs and replace u-bolts

5. replace axles 



1. cut out old decaying floors.

2. specialized floor screw gun for securing wood floors.

3. hand select the treated wood to go in the replacement floor.

4. are able to get rid of your old floors.


minor fabrication

1. building tailgates & tailgate lift systems

2. spare racks and tongue boxes

3. weedeater racks & expanded metal boxes

4. changing slide in ramps to fold up ramps

5. replacing fenders and fender backs

6. generator sleds


Wiring and Lights

1. re-wiring trailers

2. replace lenses or replace lights

3. replace / clean up wiring plugs

4. weld on overwide angled brackets.

5.mostly deal in LED lights


Hitches and Jacks

1. replace most hitches

2. remove and replace jacks

3. tongue repair in some cases

4. safety chain holders and safety chains


Trailer Appraisals

Come see us for your bonded title trailer appraisals. Please call ahead, because specific personnel handle these appraisals.

My new trailer floor looks so nice! Makes me want to put some lawn furniture on it!! Thanks for doing such a great job on it!

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