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JM Portable Buildings are built Texas Tough by Texans & tend to last 20 to 30 years

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A little bit about us & frequently asked questions

We started our Portable Building business in Bryan, Texas back in 1995, by the Bait Shop and Bryan Auto Sales. We are a family owned Portable Building business.  We moved to our existing location in Bryan, Texas back in the summer of 1996. My father, and one partner, retired in 2000. We acquired Better Built Buildings in 2002 in Huntsville, Texas to expand our portable building market. 

     We have carried several brands of Portable Buildings, and have settled for the best built portable buildings. Our, Spartan Structures, portable buildings are built Texas Tough! We have delivered portable buildings to far away locations like Alto, China Springs, Rocksprings, Fredericksburg, Flatonia, Lampasas, Big Wells and Taft. By taking care of our portable building customers in Bryan, College Station, Huntsville and Texas, we have built a good referral business and were able to branch out into trailers in 1996.

Thank you for your continued business with JM Portable Buildings L.L.C..         Jason


How much are your JM Buildings?

We have a wide range of storage building options and sizes for each style of building.  Pricing varies on the options chosen, hauling restrictions, shipping costs and material costs.  Please contact one of our salespersons (Bryan Office at 979-775-0420 or Carey in Huntsville 936-294-0664) for assistance with your JM Portable Building.

I live a good distance from your location. How far do you deliver?

We offer free delivery up 20 (Huntsville) to 25 (Bryan) miles from our office.  If you are beyond 20 to 25 miles, please contact the salesperson to quote you a more accurate cost of delivery.

I want to add a window & change where the door is. Do you customize JM Buildings to my needs?  Absolutely!  

All of JM storage buildings are completely customizable.  We have a standard set up for the doors and windows, but if you would like an additional door, window, roll up door, etc..  We will try to accommodate all of your needs.  We can add or take away just about anything you want, as long as it doesn't compromise the integrity or strength of the building.

Do I need good credit for the Lease to Own program?

Our Lease to Own Company DOES NOT DO CREDIT CHECKS!  We offer an affordable alternative to purchasing your JM Portable Building by signing a 24 to  60 month lease to own contract.  A small security deposit and/or your first month's lease payment is all that is due to get a JM Portable Building delivered to you!

I ordered a custom JM Building. When should I expect it to be delivered?

Custom ordered JM Portable Buildings are usually delivered within 30 to 75 days from the date of your order.  Factory Delays, Weather Conditions, and Demand may affect delivery times.  We will contact you when your building has arrived and set up a convenient time & day to be delivered to your location(Monday thru Friday only).  If you choose one of our stock models, it can usually be delivered within 1 to 9 days, depending on weather and demand.

Do I need a concrete foundation for my JM Portable Building?

 The only requirement is a mostly level, neatly mowed, and free of obstacles site (please notify us if you have a slope to your land).  We will level the building up to 3" if off level from the base blocks (extra 2" & 4" Blocks are $4 each, 8x8 blocks are $4 each, 8x16 blocks are $6 each).  Our JM Buildings are set up on solid concrete blocks (we provide a base set of concrete blocks for each building).  In order to level the building we use treated pine, cedar, and asphalt shingles.

What if my new JM building will not fit through my gate or my fence?

We will not take down fences or remove other barriers.  If you have questions about your site, contact your salesperson.

How much room should be allowed to deliver a JM building?

A vertical height of 11' to 15', measured from the ground to the top of the building when it is on the trailer.  Be sure to take any tree branches, overhangs, overhead entries and utility wires into your measurements.  While our drivers are pretty good, they will still need a minimum of 2' to 4' of space to maneuver the building through an opening. Example: a building that is 12' wide will require a 14' to 16' wide opening (considering it is fairly straight back to the buildings final location)(twists and curves take more maneuvering room).  We will need an area 4' wider and longer (than your building) at the actual spot to block and level your new buildings.

Do I need to have any permits for my new JM building?

In the cities of Bryan, College Station, and I think Huntsville there are no permits for 120 square feet or less.  However you are responsible for contacting your city/county in regard to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants.  We do recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association (if applicable) to determine what rules and regulations may apply to your new building.

 JM Portable Buildings LLC

5825 W State Hwy 21

Bryan, Texas  77803

(979) 775-0420

 JM Portable Buildings LLC

1163 U.S. Hwy 190

Huntsville, Texas  77320

(936) 294-0464


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